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05 October 2005

Red Sox Page One

Subject: Red Sox Page One
Sent: Monday, October 3, 2005 9:05 PM

Boston Globe - Page One photo of Red Sox celebration Sunday.

I realize the Boston Globe has a piece of the financial action on Yawkey Way, but what in the name of Allah was that enormous photo of the Red Sox club house celebration doing on Page One today ? What were they celebrating ? Finishing second to the Yankees ?

Cranberry Bog Fox

01 October 2005

Passion in Boston Elections - Boston Globe

Subject: Passion in Boston Elections - Boston Globe
Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2005 12:39 PM

Joan Vennochi - Boston Globe .. column today (Th 29 Sep) lamenting poor turnout in Tuesday's Boston municipal elections .. 15 %

Dear Joan .. doesn't it just make your hair hurt when you have to write a column bemoaning the fact that just 15% of Boston voters bothered to vote in Tuesday's municipal primary.

Meanwhile -- in the much despised Iraq -- people braved bombs and bullets, assassination, decapitation, an infinitum -- their election drew an estimated 60 to 70% -- including 90% in Basra.

What are Iraqis doing right about democracy that we are doing wrong ? Do they value democracy more than we do ?

Or could it be that with Motor Voter, ID-less voting, ghost voting (especially in Democratic controlled big cities where organized labor ran the GOTV programs) people are just bored with how easy it is to be free ?

Maybe we need Mother Sheehan to run our elections. Bring the troops back from Iraq and Louisiana and MAKE Americans vote. Isn't that the Liberal ideal ?

Sorry about your hair. Yr Fthfl Rdr .. Cranberry Bog Fox