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15 September 2005

What would Mitt Romney do ?

Subject: What would Mitt Romney do ?
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2005 11:26 AM

Joan .. indeed, Mitt's fortunes are looking up. And soon you and Eileen might have another female Governor.And speaking of female governors, as much as one might despise Mitt Romney's aloof style, one cannot imagine any governor of Massachusetts screwing up a crisis the way the lady governor of Louisiana did. Even that little wimp Mike Dukakis, in his foppish Mr. Rogers coat sweater, provided outstanding leadership and decisiveness in the Blizzard of 1978.Mrs. Healey seems to offer a hell of a lot more in terms of leadership than any of the Democratic candidates. Plus, she can personally pay off the state debt from her family bank account. And that is good.Finally, as to that dumb racist mayor of America's most corrupt -- and wet -- city. Besides talking jive, what was he doing to keep people from dying in New Orleans ? He couldn't get his buses on the road. As tongue tied and bumbling as Mayor Menino is, I simply cannot imagine Memino abandoning people in Boston -- and that includes all three dozen Republicans. He would have rounded up his hacks and, by God, gotten people out the way they get them out on election day.What would Mitt Romney do ? What would Tom Menino do ?A hell of a lot more than those corrupt and fumbling cartoon politicians in LA. In this case, it's good to live in MA. The only thing worse than a corrupt government is a corrupt government that can't deliver the goods for its people in a time of crisis.Yours for bigger ,better , and drier govmint .. Cranberry Bog Fox


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