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29 September 2005

Ted Kennedy on John Roberts - Globe op ed

Subject: Ted Kennedy on John Roberts - Globe op ed
Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2005 2:13 PM

Tom Oliphant Boston Globe Thurs 29 05 - Praising Ted Kennedy's "doubts" on Judge John Roberts:

To borrow a legal term -- Just what is Sen. Ted Kennedy's "standing" when it comes to questioning our new Supreme Court Chief Justive John Roberts on any issue involving the law, ethics, morality .. blah, blah, blah. I read your column this morning shortly after having coffee in Edgartown, just an Oldsmobile's jump away from Chappy .. and the new bridge.

Teddy Kennedy talking about a court nominees "values and convictions" is an especially interesting line.

How much "value" did Ted Kennedy place on MaryJo's life ?

And as for "convictions," we all know that Teddy bagged the case and never as much spent one night in even a jail cell after killing that idealistic young liberal girl.

Your sycophantic paen to our fat senior senator is the funniest thing in the Globe since the last Derrick Z. Jackson affirmative action "Hate Whitey" rant. And that was just yesterday.

But keep writing .. I love it.

Yr pal and Globe subscriber ..The Cranberry Bog Fox


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