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11 September 2005

Rehnquist and Boston Latin School

Subject: Rehnquist and Boston Latin School
Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2005 6:52 PM

Derrick ... your column today that, in effect, blamed the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist for miniscule black representation at Boston Latin School was another hoot .. another masterpiece of affirmative action journalism by a second rater who should thank Allah for where he is. (I assume you are a minority like me.)

So blacks are falling behind in enrollment at Latin ? And Latinos are dropping also ? Who's gaining. I think it just might be those poor Asians, including many of them the children and grandchildren of Vietnamese who relocated to the US 30 years ago. AND THEY DID NOT SPEAK ENGLISH. French maybe. But not English.

Derek, your own paper ran a story today that at UCal Berkeley there are only 129 blacks in a freshman class of 4,000. Hispanics are just over 400.

But almost 2,000 of the freshman are ASIAN AMERICANS.

How can they do this without affirmative action ?

Let's face it Derrick, most athletic scholarships in football and basketball go to usually academically unqualified blacks. There's your "affirmative action."

Stop the excuses. Put the basketballs aside. Put the wrap on rap. Put the bling bling back into the boxes. And, for Allah's sake, read a damn BOOK for a change. Why not try pimpin' education ??? It might work.

Best wishes from your friend, and a friend of Allah, the Great, The All Knowing, The Wise, the Merciful, and the Just and Mericful Beheader,

The Cranberry Bog Fox


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