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08 September 2005

Gay Marriage column in Globe

Subject: Gay Marriage column in Globe
Sent: Thursday, September 8, 2005 12:19 AM

Eileen .. I am just reading you column in today's Globe about AG Tom Reilly. He obviously cannot meaure up to your standards. He is a male. He is white. He is a member of the Roman Church. He is a grandstander. He has all the personality of Tom Dewey and Richard Nixon. And he probably sits to pee.

What I can't understand, after reading the Globe's All Gay Every Day stories, is why you are AFRAID of letting the people vote ? The Globe and that Isaacson MacBethian hag have boasted that poll after poll suggest MA voters will ok gay marriage. Let's see. Let's see.

The way to clinch a vote for gay MARRIAGE (as opposed to Gay FAMILY) would be for one of these same sex couplings to produce a child -- a DNA proven child of both partries to the "marriage."

In the name of Allah, the Great, the Good, the Peaceful, The Just, and The Beheader, I might even vote for gay marriages if there is even one single baby born of such a union.

Yours for a bigger federal deficit and bigger and better and stronger dykes in New Orleans,

The Cranberry Bog Fox


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