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11 September 2005

Bush Sends Perverts to MA

Subject: Bush Sends Perverts to MA
Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 10:52 PM

Maria .. an enlightening story on the presence of sex offenders among the "refugees" who were sent to MA from New Orleans.

Typical stupid Bush policy decision, I'd opine. Was Margaret Marshall consulted on this ?

We already have enough perverts and sex offenders here without the Federal Government sending us more.

In the name of Allah, the Great, The Good, The All Wise, The All Knowing, and the Mericful Beheader, send those molesters to state where they really need them.

We've got enough.

And now -- according to the Globe today (B-4) -- we have students at a leading Catholic institution, Stonehill College, abusing sheep and chickens. I thought that only happen at the University of Maine !

Yours for smarter govmint, The Cranberry Bog Fox


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