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12 September 2005

Boston Globe cartoon Monday

Subject: Boston Globe cartoon Monday
Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 9:28 AM

The Boston Globe runs an op ed cartoon today showing a school bus submerged in flood waters. The bus is on its end. The rear seats, under water, show drowning black people. The people up front, above water, are all white, and all safe. And Uncle Sam (or was it Geroge Bush) is driving.

Very, very funny.

But that could NOT be New Orleans. Because if I am not mistaken the stupid BLACK mayor of New Orleans did not even dispatch his many hundreds of school buses to save his own BLACK people.

The mayor, however, does give good head .. lines. And good sound bites.

I like the Globe. Its humor is always very clear. Always black and white.

Yours for stronger dykes in New Orleans, the Cranberry Bog Fox


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