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15 September 2005

Affirmative Action Jackson at Boston Globe

Subject: Affirmative Action Jackson at Boston Globe
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2005 12:49 PM

Derrick .. when I saw the inset head "The Fruits Of The Old Boy Network" in your column yesterday, I thought you were doing another daily Globe column on gays in the news networks. WRONG. It was, of course, a typical white-hating attack on the President.

Next to your column was Jeff Jacoby's column with several racist quotes from so called black "leaders." How can you, as an educated black person (albeit an affirmative action hire) allow yourself to be led by people like Jesse Jackson, Randall Robinson, and Kanye West ? (and that's just for starters) Don't they embarass you ?

And, by the way, I heard a quote from another black spokesman that blacks faced the prospect of eating other blacks to survive, because the Feds hadn't delivered food fast enough to them. Just a question ? Do you use barbecue sauce if you're Jonesin' for some black meat ???

Simply curious, bro.

Ciao (or chow) .. Cranberry bog Fox


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