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29 September 2005

Ted Kennedy on John Roberts - Globe op ed

Subject: Ted Kennedy on John Roberts - Globe op ed
Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2005 2:13 PM

Tom Oliphant Boston Globe Thurs 29 05 - Praising Ted Kennedy's "doubts" on Judge John Roberts:

To borrow a legal term -- Just what is Sen. Ted Kennedy's "standing" when it comes to questioning our new Supreme Court Chief Justive John Roberts on any issue involving the law, ethics, morality .. blah, blah, blah. I read your column this morning shortly after having coffee in Edgartown, just an Oldsmobile's jump away from Chappy .. and the new bridge.

Teddy Kennedy talking about a court nominees "values and convictions" is an especially interesting line.

How much "value" did Ted Kennedy place on MaryJo's life ?

And as for "convictions," we all know that Teddy bagged the case and never as much spent one night in even a jail cell after killing that idealistic young liberal girl.

Your sycophantic paen to our fat senior senator is the funniest thing in the Globe since the last Derrick Z. Jackson affirmative action "Hate Whitey" rant. And that was just yesterday.

But keep writing .. I love it.

Yr pal and Globe subscriber ..The Cranberry Bog Fox

18 September 2005


Sent: Sunday, September 18, 2005 8:02 PM

Sunday Boston Globe - front page on City & Region - B 1

Ahhh .. a story and PHOTO of Cindy Sheehan in --- SURPRISE ! -- Cambridge.

Thank you Globe for letting me know where she is. Last time I saw Cindy she was on the side of a Lone Star milk carton.

Best wishes, Katrina

(a friend of The Cranberry Bog Fox)

17 September 2005

Boston Globe on Police Shooting

Subject: Boston Globe on Police Shooting
Sent: Saturday, September 17, 2005 4:54 PM

A big, comprehensive, and almost thorough story in today's Boston Globe about the Boston police officers suspended and demoted for their part in the tragic fatal shooting of a young female student during the Red Sox celebration outside Fenway Park last October. She was hit with what was believed to be a non-lethal stop pellet.

Well -- let's check that coverage. It is a pretty long story. It is the lead story on page 1. A "punishment" box on page 1. A long "punishment and demotions" box on page B-6. All the officers, most of them veterans of long service with the BPD, are carefully identified and hung out to dry.

How much coverage ? -- 66 column inches. More than five feet of news space.

But what's missing ? Not one single line about the drunken little bastards who congregated outside Fenway that night and were trashing the place and endangering public safety with their "celebratory" riot.

Were any of these spoiled, self absorbed children even old enought to drink legally ? Were any prosecuted ? Were any convicted ? What were their penalties, if any. A little sidebar on those punks might have helped balance the story. How about their names and photos and their schools or places of employment, and their hometowns ?

The Snelgrove girl went to the riot because as a journalist to be, that was where the story was. She would be alive today if those drunken louts had stayed in their rooms and off the streets of Boston. There would have been no story for her to cover.

All that story need was a little balance.

Yours for a better Boston ..

The Cranberry Bog Fox

16 September 2005

Globe attacks Severin's credibility HA HA

Subject: Globe attacks Severin's credibility HA HA
Sent: Friday, September 16, 2005 3:29 PM

Scot Lehigh's column in today's Boston Globe attacks WTKK talkmeister Jay Severin of falsifying a claim of winning an internet "Pulitzer Prize."

So what ?

To have the School of Creative Writing at the Boston Globe ( a wholly owned minor league affiliate of the School of Creative Writing at The New York Times) attack ANYONE for "making things up" is about as credible as Fat Ted Kennedy lecturing Judge John Roberts on the law, ethics or ---- safe driving. (screeeeeeechhhhhh ... splashhhhh ... glub .. glub ..glub ..)

Gimme a break.I was thinking of signing this with Mike Barnicle's name.

But, as President Nixon said, "that would be wrong."

Have a nice weekend ...

Cranberry Bog Fox

15 September 2005

Affirmative Action Jackson at Boston Globe

Subject: Affirmative Action Jackson at Boston Globe
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2005 12:49 PM

Derrick .. when I saw the inset head "The Fruits Of The Old Boy Network" in your column yesterday, I thought you were doing another daily Globe column on gays in the news networks. WRONG. It was, of course, a typical white-hating attack on the President.

Next to your column was Jeff Jacoby's column with several racist quotes from so called black "leaders." How can you, as an educated black person (albeit an affirmative action hire) allow yourself to be led by people like Jesse Jackson, Randall Robinson, and Kanye West ? (and that's just for starters) Don't they embarass you ?

And, by the way, I heard a quote from another black spokesman that blacks faced the prospect of eating other blacks to survive, because the Feds hadn't delivered food fast enough to them. Just a question ? Do you use barbecue sauce if you're Jonesin' for some black meat ???

Simply curious, bro.

Ciao (or chow) .. Cranberry bog Fox

Globe Ebonics ????

Subject: Globe Ebonics ????
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2005 12:35 PM

Huh ???A cartoon of Bush hip deep in the flood today and he's saying: "My Bad." Is that anything like that dumbass mayor of New Orleans talking about "Jonesin'"...

Is dis be Ebonics ? You be down in de hood wit kool shit like dat 'bout dat nigger hatin' monkey president.

What be next you bitch skank, "muthafucker ?"

Talk American.

"Ciao" ...Cranberry Bog Fox

What would Mitt Romney do ?

Subject: What would Mitt Romney do ?
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2005 11:26 AM

Joan .. indeed, Mitt's fortunes are looking up. And soon you and Eileen might have another female Governor.And speaking of female governors, as much as one might despise Mitt Romney's aloof style, one cannot imagine any governor of Massachusetts screwing up a crisis the way the lady governor of Louisiana did. Even that little wimp Mike Dukakis, in his foppish Mr. Rogers coat sweater, provided outstanding leadership and decisiveness in the Blizzard of 1978.Mrs. Healey seems to offer a hell of a lot more in terms of leadership than any of the Democratic candidates. Plus, she can personally pay off the state debt from her family bank account. And that is good.Finally, as to that dumb racist mayor of America's most corrupt -- and wet -- city. Besides talking jive, what was he doing to keep people from dying in New Orleans ? He couldn't get his buses on the road. As tongue tied and bumbling as Mayor Menino is, I simply cannot imagine Memino abandoning people in Boston -- and that includes all three dozen Republicans. He would have rounded up his hacks and, by God, gotten people out the way they get them out on election day.What would Mitt Romney do ? What would Tom Menino do ?A hell of a lot more than those corrupt and fumbling cartoon politicians in LA. In this case, it's good to live in MA. The only thing worse than a corrupt government is a corrupt government that can't deliver the goods for its people in a time of crisis.Yours for bigger ,better , and drier govmint .. Cranberry Bog Fox

13 September 2005

Boston Globe Gay Marriage Editorial

Subject: Boston Globe Gay Marriage Editorial
Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2005 2:38 PM

September 13, 2005 -- Boston Globe

You mention "some 6,000 weddings after gay marriage became legal in Massachusetts .."

And how many DNA births ?

Zero. Zero for 6,000.

Judge Margaret Marshall can change the law of Massachusetts, but Judge Margaret Marshall apparently can't change the law of nature.

Gay families ? For sure. Gay "marriages ?" Hardly.

Still, as the Globe claims today, "56 percent of MA voters in a Boston Globe poll this March said gay marriage should be allowed by law."

So what's your problem with letting people vote ? You've already counted the votes and declared yourself the winner.

Or ... like those 6,000 DNA childless "marriages," do you think that maybe you can't deliver ?

Best wishes from a loyal and constantly amused Globe reader,

Cranberry Bog Fox

12 September 2005

Boston Globe cartoon Monday

Subject: Boston Globe cartoon Monday
Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 9:28 AM

The Boston Globe runs an op ed cartoon today showing a school bus submerged in flood waters. The bus is on its end. The rear seats, under water, show drowning black people. The people up front, above water, are all white, and all safe. And Uncle Sam (or was it Geroge Bush) is driving.

Very, very funny.

But that could NOT be New Orleans. Because if I am not mistaken the stupid BLACK mayor of New Orleans did not even dispatch his many hundreds of school buses to save his own BLACK people.

The mayor, however, does give good head .. lines. And good sound bites.

I like the Globe. Its humor is always very clear. Always black and white.

Yours for stronger dykes in New Orleans, the Cranberry Bog Fox

11 September 2005

Bush Sends Perverts to MA

Subject: Bush Sends Perverts to MA
Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 10:52 PM

Maria .. an enlightening story on the presence of sex offenders among the "refugees" who were sent to MA from New Orleans.

Typical stupid Bush policy decision, I'd opine. Was Margaret Marshall consulted on this ?

We already have enough perverts and sex offenders here without the Federal Government sending us more.

In the name of Allah, the Great, The Good, The All Wise, The All Knowing, and the Mericful Beheader, send those molesters to state where they really need them.

We've got enough.

And now -- according to the Globe today (B-4) -- we have students at a leading Catholic institution, Stonehill College, abusing sheep and chickens. I thought that only happen at the University of Maine !

Yours for smarter govmint, The Cranberry Bog Fox

selective compassion by the Globe

Subject: selective compassion by the Globe
Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 10:23 PM

Eileen -- In the name of Allah, the Great, The Good, The Just and the Merciful Beheader, all you ever do is bitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitch.

It didn't make the papers, but we heard Governor Mitt ask for "basketballs" for the then-"refugees" when he was first informed that 2,000 were coming our way. I'm sure also that you have several displaced families with you in your home -- which, I would hazard a guess, is well beyond the nightly killings and drug dealing of the "Inner City."

The problem with Liberals is they can only complain. And you are the most humourless people on the face of the earth. Nothing anyone ever does is ever enough. You are the consumate "gimme girls." Forty years of LBJ's "War On Poverty" and guess what -- we lost. (We also lost the drug war, but that loss nobody is complaining about.)

I agree with your point about not removing the bums from under the XWay. If they are moved they could stagger to your neighborhood, scare your neighbors, leave their empty bottles on your lawn, and pee on your flowers.

Fondly (but it a mannish way), your friend, the Cranberry Bog Fox

PS: In the light of the debit card fiasco and the sexual predators imported to Cape Cod (as if we need more !) weren't Carr and Severin right ???

Rehnquist and Boston Latin School

Subject: Rehnquist and Boston Latin School
Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2005 6:52 PM

Derrick ... your column today that, in effect, blamed the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist for miniscule black representation at Boston Latin School was another hoot .. another masterpiece of affirmative action journalism by a second rater who should thank Allah for where he is. (I assume you are a minority like me.)

So blacks are falling behind in enrollment at Latin ? And Latinos are dropping also ? Who's gaining. I think it just might be those poor Asians, including many of them the children and grandchildren of Vietnamese who relocated to the US 30 years ago. AND THEY DID NOT SPEAK ENGLISH. French maybe. But not English.

Derek, your own paper ran a story today that at UCal Berkeley there are only 129 blacks in a freshman class of 4,000. Hispanics are just over 400.

But almost 2,000 of the freshman are ASIAN AMERICANS.

How can they do this without affirmative action ?

Let's face it Derrick, most athletic scholarships in football and basketball go to usually academically unqualified blacks. There's your "affirmative action."

Stop the excuses. Put the basketballs aside. Put the wrap on rap. Put the bling bling back into the boxes. And, for Allah's sake, read a damn BOOK for a change. Why not try pimpin' education ??? It might work.

Best wishes from your friend, and a friend of Allah, the Great, The All Knowing, The Wise, the Merciful, and the Just and Mericful Beheader,

The Cranberry Bog Fox

08 September 2005

Gay Marriage column in Globe

Subject: Gay Marriage column in Globe
Sent: Thursday, September 8, 2005 12:19 AM

Eileen .. I am just reading you column in today's Globe about AG Tom Reilly. He obviously cannot meaure up to your standards. He is a male. He is white. He is a member of the Roman Church. He is a grandstander. He has all the personality of Tom Dewey and Richard Nixon. And he probably sits to pee.

What I can't understand, after reading the Globe's All Gay Every Day stories, is why you are AFRAID of letting the people vote ? The Globe and that Isaacson MacBethian hag have boasted that poll after poll suggest MA voters will ok gay marriage. Let's see. Let's see.

The way to clinch a vote for gay MARRIAGE (as opposed to Gay FAMILY) would be for one of these same sex couplings to produce a child -- a DNA proven child of both partries to the "marriage."

In the name of Allah, the Great, the Good, the Peaceful, The Just, and The Beheader, I might even vote for gay marriages if there is even one single baby born of such a union.

Yours for a bigger federal deficit and bigger and better and stronger dykes in New Orleans,

The Cranberry Bog Fox