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31 August 2005

War Jobs and Democrats

To: Subject: War Jobs and Democrats - today's Globe Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 11:52 AM

Derrick Jackson -- BAD NEWS. I agree with you. Your column today about antiwar Dems being against base closings in their states is right on, bro. They are just a bunch of bedwetting, liberal pussies, the worst kind of hypocrites .. crying crocodile tears.

Ted Kennedy, John Forbes Kennedy Cohen Kerry, and our Congressmen are the most ineffectual bunch of wimps in Washington. They are BAD on defense issues. They would surrender rather than fight.

I disagree with you, however, in saying that a big military needs to "have a war" to keep bases open. What liberal appeasers forget that is that the purpose of a strong military is to PREVENT a war against the US. Read up on George Washington. And try reading the book "At The Abyss" by former AF Secretary Reed -- how the US military helped win the cold war against Communism simply by being armed to the teeth and being capable of annihilating Russia if it came to that.

But as to the sit-down-to-pee Democratic Liberals moaning against base closings ? Your are 100 % right. They are jerks.

In the name of Allah, the Great, The Good, The Just, and The Merciful Beheader, have a nice Labour Day .. Cranberry Bog Fox


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