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23 August 2005

Boston Latin

To: Subject: Boston Latin Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2005 1:13 PM

So, Maria .. race is no longer an admittance factor in getting into Boston Latin.

Hmmmm .. that hasn't seemed to bother Asian Americans. They increased their numbers at Latin by almost 33%.

And whiteys went up about 7%.

Native Americans doubled their attendance. Albeit from 0.1 to 0.2. Not bad though when you consider it has been against the law for an "Indian" to be inside the Boston city limits.

Why does it seem that black numbers always seem to decline whenever they are not given special academic advantages.

Several of us in our posse' were discussing this over latte' at our favourite boite in the notorious Newton 'hood.

Someone suggested the issue might be where different communities place the relative importance of education. (I saw the National Spelling Bee on CSpan last week and all four finalists appeared to be Asian Americans, perhaps Pakistani-Americans.) Like Asian-Americans, our Jewish-American community needs no help in getting accepted to or excelling at Latin.

Maybe it is all in the first paragraph of a story in the Globe today by John Ellement. Story sub titled "Roxbury slaying puts city total at 45."

Here's the lead:

"Brandon E. Wilson's dreams were filled with rap music, expensive jewelry, wealth, fame and the birth later this year of his first child, his family recalled." Brandon was 19.

Your story, juxtaposed with Ellement's, raise some very un-PC conclusions about race and education in Boston.

Who in the break dancing, basketball and bling bling crowd cares about Boston Latin ?

Planting a respect for education in Boston's black community seems about as hopeless as planting democracy in Iraq.

Best wishes, Cranberry Bog Fox


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