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12 August 2005

And we shall learn from the swans - Globe story

To:, Subject: And we shall learn from the swans - Globe story Sent: Friday, August 12, 2005 8:36 PM
Nice story on the lesbian swans in today's Globe.

But as Marharishi Rashi Than Zathusa said: "We shall learn from the swans."

So, let us learn. We live in MA. The Supreme Court of MA said men and men and women and women can "marry." These marriages, however, can beget no natural (DNA) children of those couples. So, unless another sex is introduced, these "marriages" are barren.

And the swans. Aware of the Supreme Court decision, they live as a couple, thinking, perhaps, they can fertilize their own eggs. The law of MA has changed. But not the law of nature. Alas.

So, without the intervention of an opposite sex member, gay marriages will prove fruitless, and the swans will die off.

What, I wonder, would Margaret Marshall have us think of this cruel rule of nature ?

Best wishes .. from another animal .. and a lyl Glb rdr, The Cranberry Bog Fox.


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