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16 April 2005

Boston Globe coverage and circulation

To:, jurkowitz@,,,, Subject: Boston Globe coverage and circulation Sent: Saturday, April 16, 2005 3:34 PM
Things I did NOT read in the Globe today: A Page One Drudge Report story two days ago showing that the Globe, the minor league affiliate of the New York Times, is excpecting a "steep overall circulation decline" of 3.7 percent daily.

Things I could not AVOID reading in the Globe today: Gay Boston College Eagles. Apparently the Gay Mafia at the editorial helm of the Globe decided there is never too much of a gay thing so we had:
A page ONE story of a Gay demo at Boston College
A page B-4 photo of the gay demo at Boston College
The LEAD story on p. 1 of City and Region page about the gay rally at Boston College.

Perhaps you could tear your Affirmative Action poster boy Derrick Z. Jackson away from his basketball and have him do one of his famous statistical, analytical, theoretical, metaphysical and metric study of the relationship between the Globe's gay agenda and the Globe's drooping circulation. (Viagra anyone ?)

As for me, the answer seems clear: You are not giving enough coverage to gay issues.

You need more gay stories from your ediitorial queen so he can indeed make the Globe ALL GAY EVERY DAY.

Yours in pride ... the Cranberry Bog Fox.